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We encourage you to call 911 for severe illness or injury that could be life or limb threatening. But if you don’t need to ride an ambulance to the hospital, we offer a very good alternative for episodic care when you or a loved one has sustained an illness or injury. Knowing where to go for quick, affordable and good quality treatment is crucial. At AIMS, we provide responsive and accessible urgent care at our facility no matter the status of your insurance.  How do you know if you should consider Urgent Care? If waiting for primary care services within the next day or two is not an option, but you don’t consider your condition to be life threatening, urgent care is the place to go. Common Urgent Care services include treatment of cough or colds, ear infections, urinary tract problems, minor burns and cuts, fractures or rashes, abdominal pain, uncontrolled blood pressure or Diabetes Mellitus etc.