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Primary Care

Arizona Institute of Medicine & Surgery

General Surgery, Primary Care, & Urgent Care located in Kingman, AZ

Finding a primary care physician who takes the time to listen to you can be challenging. At Arizona Institute of Medicine & Surgery, M. Azam Khan, MD, and his team prioritize building patient trust and providing exceptional care with a friendly bedside manner so that you feel comfortable and confident when making medical decisions. Located in Kingman, Arizona, the team combines more than four decades of experience to deliver the highest quality care possible. Schedule your visit today by calling or booking online.

Primary Care Q & A

When should I see a primary care doctor?

At Arizona Institute of Medicine & Surgery, the team offers primary care to men, women, and children of all ages with convenient, flexible scheduling so you can get the care you need as soon as you need it. Common reasons to seek primary care include:

  • General checkups
  • Annual wellness exams
  • Illnesses like the cold and flu
  • Bloodwork
  • X-rays
  • Minor surgical procedures, like stitches

The team provides referrals to specialists in the area if you need additional treatment.

What do primary care doctors do?

The primary care team provides for all of your general medical and healthcare needs so you can stay healthy, recover from illnesses and injuries, and get screened and treated for a disease like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Vaccinations are available for all ages, including childhood vaccines, annual flu shots, and immunizations for travel.

Dr. Khan is certified in wound management care and provides thorough and gentle treatment for all types of wounds. If you've sustained a burn or cut, have a non-healing wound, or require stitches, he provides the care you need so you can heal as quickly as possible without fear of infection.

How can I get my prescription refilled?

If you need a new prescription or have an existing one that needs a refill, the team offers quick consultations for medication prescriptions. If you're a new patient, they discuss your medical history and perform a physical exam to determine which medication is best for your needs.

For existing patients, some medications can be requested or refilled over the phone without a visit. Call the office to find out if you need a consultation to request or refill a prescription.

When should I get a general wellness exam?

The team recommends that people of all ages have an annual physical exam to screen for common diseases, keep track of your overall health, and provide lifestyle suggestions to better your health.

During an annual physical or wellness exam, the team checks your weight, blood pressure, vision, range of motion, and looks for signs of problems with your skin, organs, and joints.

Annual wellness exams allow you to build a relationship with your provider so they understand your needs and health goals and can help you avoid chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease whenever possible.

To book a primary care appointment, call or schedule online now.