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Preventative Medicine

Arizona Institute of Medicine & Surgery

General Surgeons located in Kingman, AZ

Preventive medicine is a fundamental part of living a healthy life. General surgeon M. Azam Khan, MD, and the skilled providers at Arizona Institute of Medicine & Surgery, provide comprehensive preventive medicine services at their facility in Kingman, Arizona. For high-quality preventive medicine at affordable prices, call or book an appointment online today.

Preventative Medicine Q & A

What is preventive medicine?

Preventive medicine focuses on keeping you healthy by finding early signs of disease and initiating prompt treatment. Many serious conditions, including certain cancers, are treatable in their early stages before you even experience symptoms. 

The team at Arizona Institute of Medicine & Surgery provides comprehensive preventive medicine services for patients of all ages, including:

  • Testing for gastrointestinal diseases like colorectal cancer
  • Testing for cardiovascular conditions like atrial fibrillation
  • Lab tests, including biopsies, to check for conditions like cancer

Their interventional imaging experts offer all the radiology services you’d find at a hospital, including X-rays, fluoroscopy, and ultrasound. 

What does an annual well visit entail?

Adults on Medicare should see their provider at Arizona Institute of Medicine & Surgery at least once a year for an annual wellness exam. During this visit, your provider works with you to develop an individualized preventive medicine plan. 

They may also perform the following wellness checks:

  • Measure your height, weight, and blood pressure
  • Assess your risk for disease
  • Evaluate your urgent care needs
  • Review your functional ability
  • Discuss your personal and family medical histories
  • Screen for depression and cognitive impairment

Depending on your age and risk factors for disease, your provider may take one or more preventive screening tests. 

What preventive tests might I need?

Arizona Institute of Medicine & Surgery offers a variety of screening tests to check for early signs of disease, such as abnormal growths that may be cancerous. Standard preventive screening tests include:

  • Colonoscopy
  • Computerized tomography (CT) colonography
  • Blood pressure monitoring

They may also take one or more on-site lab tests, such as blood tests to screen for diabetes and unhealthy cholesterol. If you have an abnormal growth, such as a colon polyp, they may remove a small piece of tissue in a biopsy procedure. They send the tissue sample to a lab for testing. 

If you have a medical condition that causes pain, the team at Arizona Institute of Medicine & Surgery offers comprehensive interventional imaging for pain management services to optimize your quality of life. 

For personalized preventive medical care, call Arizona Institute of Medicine & Surgery, or book an appointment online today.