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When it comes to health care, choosing your primary care physician may be one of the most important decisions you make. In all aspects of your overall health, your primary care physician will guide you through everything from the common cold to higher level health concerns and diagnosis. The multitude of benefits to selecting a primary care physician include relationship-based care and prevention/early diagnosis. One hallmark of our primary care department is early and timely Screening for common types of malignancies like Colon cancer, Breast cancer, Prostate and lung cancers.

Relationship-Based Care

A consistent primary care provider ensures not only that you have a one-on-one relationship with your physician, but that your unique health patterns and risks are recognized and understood. This understanding saves time during visits and helps to personalize your care. It is also common for families to utilize the same primary care provider, taking advantage of the knowledge of family history across multiple family members.  

Preventive Care

Your primary care provider screens for all major health-related conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. By understanding your health patterns and history, they have a better chance of noticing if something seems awry with your health, and may be able to diagnose a pending condition quicker. Additionally, if you already live with a chronic health condition, your primary care helps guide you in effective management to ensure that you are living an optimal quality of life.  

Our Primary Care Team

Our primary care team of experts are here to meet your exact needs. Comprised of physicians, nurse practitioners, and medical assistants and clerks, we look forward to providing you with friendly, affordable health care.